What is the important basis for evaluating the quality of fasteners?

The specific activities carried out to test whether the performance of fasteners meet its specified specifications are called fastener tests. Fastener test is an important means to verify the quality and reliability of fastener products, and it is also one of the important original basis for evaluating the quality of fasteners.

Fastener products, especially high-performance fastener products in high-tech fields such as aviation and aerospace, have complex use conditions and many factors that affect their performance. They involve a wide range of technical fields, such as: screw products: bridge frame Screws, U-shaped wires, etc., bolts, nuts, etc.

These products often involve some new areas of modern science and technology research, and there are inevitably some uncertain factors. The design based on existing theories may not achieve reliable expected results, even if the design and manufacturing are considered. It is very thorough, and it is also necessary to test and verify the fastener products, so as to check whether the design idea is correct, whether the design intent is fully realized, whether the processing methods are guaranteed, and whether the designed product meets the requirements of use, etc. Fastener testing can help people understand the various phenomena, essences and laws of the product during use, so as to study and solve the existing problems and the effect and degree of solving the problems. It is an extremely important way to promote the progress of fastener technology. The method is also an important means to ensure product performance, improve product quality and market competitiveness.

In addition, the composition and performance of the materials used in the manufacture of fasteners inevitably have a certain distribution range, and the processing methods inevitably have certain errors, which will inevitably cause the quality and performance of the final fastener products to deviate. In order to ensure delivery The products meet the specified requirements, even ordinary products need to be verified according to the specified test items before they can be delivered. The scientificity and accuracy of the fastener test method will directly affect the correctness of the test result, and directly affect the quality and qualification of the fastener product.

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