What are the boxing methods of fasteners?

For the fasteners packed in bags, since the fasteners have been packed in plastic bags or kraft paper bags, pack the fasteners neatly and compactly into the packing box when packing them, and cover the box after filling. , Paste the _L label on the box. Rubber fasteners must be loosely packed when packing them. Extrusion, pressing, or forcible stuffing are not allowed. Folding and twisting parts are not allowed, such as screws, bridge screws, and shelf screws. Self-tapping.

For the fasteners of cluster packaging, when several or more fasteners are bundled together with white paper or oil-sealed paper and packed directly into the packaging box, the fasteners after the cluster packaging should be placed neatly and compactly. Put it in the packing box and place it in layers until the whole box is filled. If necessary, sponge paper should be placed between layers. When there are gaps in the box, shreds of sponge paper or shredded paper should be filled in the gaps. Prevent the fastener from moving during transportation. After closing the lid, stick a label outside the box. If necessary, wrap 12 turns of transparent tape along the outer circumference of the box in a crisscross pattern to prevent the box from becoming loose.

For single-packed fasteners, use sponge paper to pack the fasteners in one piece, or use a plastic mesh sleeve to cover a single fastener. After the packaging is completed, place the packed fasteners neatly, orderly and compactly In the box, place them in layers until the whole box is filled. After the placement is complete, when there is still a gap in the box, fill the gap with soft materials such as shredded sponge paper or shredded paper as an inner liner to prevent the fasteners from being damaged during transportation. In order to prevent the packaging box from unraveling, if necessary, use transparent tape to wrap around 1 to 2 turns in the horizontal and vertical directions of the packaging box.

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